Completed Projects

The Friends commissioned Frances Downing of Harrogate to conserve the Coat of Arms. This had been hanging in the St James Chapel and is now, following conservation, having in its rightful place over the door.


The Coat of arms after restoration


The coat of arms before conservation











The Friends replaced the scroll hanging in the side chapel which recorded those who have generously donated their time, their money, their energy and their goodwill into this little gem of a church.  The kneelers were all embroidered by Friends of HTG to mark the Millennium.



Once the kneelers had been completed, the Friends financed new altar linen and commissioned Celia Anker to complete the task for them.



The Friends have funded the conservation of the Benefaction Boards which had been hanging in the vestry until now. With the restoration now complete the Benefaction boards have been rehung in the church where they are available for all to see and appreciate the philanthropy of earlier times and perhaps be encouraged to make their own contribution to the Friends to help finance similar projects in the future.


Photo 2.

Benefaction board before restoration


Benefaction board after restoration and rehung in the church